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Before applying full feed pressure to the new blades, it is essential to break in the extremely sharp tooth tips and edges. A suitable comparison can be made to the experience of writing with a freshly sharpened wooden pencil.
  • Maintain proper blade speed for the material to be cut
  • Reduce blade feed pressure or feed rate by 50% for the first 300 to 500 square cm of material cut.
  • Gradually increase feed pressure or feed rate after break-in to full pressure.
Why use a Tension Meter?

  • Incorrect tension in Bandsaw Blades can result in crooked cuts, rough cutting surfaces, and blade breakage.
  • Maintaining proper blade tension will ensure a longer fatigue life for the blades.
  • It also helps to reduce the likelihood of machine damage caused by over-tensioning the band.

Therefore, the band tension should be checked frequently as the below given instructions.

Instructions for using Tension Meter

  • Begin by securely affixing the Bimetal Bandsaw Blade onto the machine.
  • Place the tension meter onto the loose blade, ensuring precise alignment by maintaining an approximate 5 mm distance between the back of the blade and the tension meter slot.
  • Sequentially tighten the left-side thumb screw followed by the right-side thumb screw on the tension meter's moving arm.
  • Set the dial ring to the Zero position and proceed to apply tension to the blade manually or using hydraulic pressure. As a general rule, when the guides are more widely spaced, opt for a higher tension range; conversely, when the guide arms are closer together, utilize a lower tension range.
  • Once tension is applied to the blade, the dial will indicate readings on the scale, where 1 division corresponds to 1000 PSI.
  • Carefully adjust the tension on the blade until you achieve the desired tension and corresponding reading on the scale.
Techincal Data
Note: Band tension capabilities may vary by make and model of the band saw machine. Machine manufacturers or technicians can help if there is any issue concerning machine band tension techniques or capabilities.