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Precision Hole Saws, manufactured from HSS M42 (8% Cobalt) imported Bimetal Strips. Our in-house R&D team has meticulously designed the tooth geometry with a variable pitch and positive rake angle. These Hole Saws undergo advanced heat treatment in fully automated CNC controlled imported furnaces, creating a consistent hardness and enhanced toughness within an inert atmosphere. Experience precision cutting at its finest. The depth of Holesaw is 41 mm which offers making holes on High Thickness Sheets
  • Special heat treatment ensures faster cutting compared to conventional Hole Saws.
  • Provides extra swap clearance for cutting thicker metal sections.
  • Better Drill geometry allows for easier penetration into the material
  • Smooth cut with reduced tendency to snag on irregular surfaces
  • Suitable for cutting various materials, including Cast Iron, Mild Steel, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Duralium, Non Ferrous Alloys, Bakelite, Bronze, Brass, Wood, Hardwood, and Plaster of Paris
  • Ideal for a variety of applications, such as production,maintenance, electrical panel manufacturing, plumbing, and carpentry
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