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Universal Hole Saws are precision-crafted from HSS M42 (8% Cobalt) grade Bimetal Strips imported from leading European suppliers. The tooth geometry is specially designed in-house by the R&D team, which ensures efficient cutting across various materials. The Hole Saws undergo advanced heat treatment in fully automated, CNC-controlled imported furnaces within an inert atmosphere, resulting in exceptional consistency in hardness and improved toughness. With a single-piece construction and an inbuilt Arbor & Drill, our Universal Hole Saw offers convenience and superior performance.
  • Extended Cutting Depth: Offers a cutting depth of 27 mm, providing twice the lifespan compared to conventional Hole Saws.
  • Versatile Material Cutting: Specially designed for cutting various soft and hard materials, ensuring excellent performance across different applications
  • Improved Hardness and Toughness: HSS teeth exhibit higher hardness and toughness, ensuring exceptional cutting performance and extended tool life.
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